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Catering To Your
Every Savage Whim

Well, not exactly.

But, we are now offering a new Catering service! Want to spice up the same old party? Get Savage Burrito catered to your house, office, or wherever your savage heart desires if you’re near our Dallas Uptown or Grapevine areas!

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Our team of Savages will bring all our signature flavors right to your doorstep and, in select locations, even set everything up for you! So, all you have to do is sit there and let the delicious perfection unfold.

what is it we are catering, you ask? we’ll give you a teaser…

what is it we are catering, you ask? we’ll give you a teaser…

A build your own Taco or Bowl Bar, that can go from basic Savage to extra Savage levels. The Burrito Box, with all the usual bold flavas to choose from. Our Quesadilla Box, giving all the same love as the burritos – but Quesadillas, because why not. And, our Savage Garden Bar add-on, for a little extra greens.

all starting at $10 a person!

Want to know what’s in each?

click away and find out!

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We’ll get into the specifics on catering services in your area as well as menu options and staff needs to plan the perfect celebration. At the moment, catering is only available near the Dallas Uptown and Grapevine area.